Monday, August 2, 2010

It's official ! SERANGOON has a Heritage Trail 1.2 km long.

I would like to commend all those responsible for this latest Heritage project.
This is certainly a most worthwhile and meaningful project that should go a long way in
ensuring that the past history of this little nostlagic corner of NE Singapore is not lost and
forgotten amidst a sea of huge changes in our landscape!

However I feel that more can be done especially for the senior and older folks who grew up and lived in this area for as long as they could remember.
They have much history of the old days to share with the younger generation.
What life was like before the War, during the Japanese occupation and the post war the NE enclave of Serangoon, Hougang and Kangkar.

A serious Suggestion from me:
In all the HDB estates and towns, there are many beautiful upgraded corners, pavillions,halls, residents' committee rooms, gardens, gathering points, relaxing areas etc... for the general purpose of allowing HDB residents to get together, neighbours to meet and socialise, children to play together, old folks to gossip and chat. All very commendable indeed.
They have been a success in all the HDB estates.

Question is:
What about those living in the landed estates, those in their so-called private homes?
As far as I know, nothing along the lines of the HDB approach has ever been seriously attempted. Residents in private estates are left to their own fate generally.
Yet, as I move around in many private estates...there are invariably many parcels of land that belong to the Government. Some have been there for ages and ages. No buildings. No parks.
Nothing! Just grass that needs to be cut by servicing contractors.
It is such a waste and a heartache to see this little exotic parcels and corners so un-utilised.
The Neighbourhood Committees of these estates should identify some of these exotic corners and make a proper approach to whoever is i/c ( obviously the MP should be involved ) and convert part of these small parcels of land into " covered relaxing pavillions" with seats, benches and concrete/wood tables so that.... my vision of the older folks, all hidden inside their private homes hardly venturing out, would change for the better.
Now..if they have a lovely "Pavillion" surrounded by not lallang but sweet smelling flowers and plants, it would be so much easier for fellow neighbours in the estate to meet their fellow seniors for a chat, a gossip, a discussion, a game of chess, etc...
Even MPs can use such a strategic place to meet up with residents as a group...once in a while.
I hope someone will take up my suggestion...seriously!

To find out more interesting details and see some old and nostalgic photos of these
mentioned sites along the HERITAGE TRAIL go to the various blogposts in this website.

Start with ...Old Lim Tua Tow Market............
Then continue your journey in the other posts that feature Serangoon's Heritage.

Dick Yip

Friday, July 31, 2009

THINGS SO SINGAPOREAN..should be an NDP song!

There is a song that is out on Youtube many months ago titled " Things So Singaporean" that

has caught the public's attention and the support for it to be included as an official NDP 2009

song has received tremendous support form all quarters.

The song is written by Judith dSilva and sung by Ann Hussein.

For a more detailed report please see my comments at my Wise Owl site here.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Why we must always maintain our Racial and Religious harmony

This footage is from CCTV, available on Youtube.

WARNING: Some scenes may be disturbing to normal viewers.

The recent religious and racial riots in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang province China is a timely reminder to us that often a very thin line separates order and raw insanity in a society brimming with the undercurrents of racial and religious animosity.

In Singapore, we too had our racial riots with many seriously maimed and killed back in 1963-1964 period of our history.

We must NEVER again allow this to happen or the consequences will be worse than SARS, H1N1 or other potential threats that have visited our shores.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Community Carnival 2009..this weekend.

This is an OPEN invitation to one and all for the
coming Carnival on Saturday May 23 2009.
It will be held at the open field next to Blk 147 Serangoon North Ave 1.
Time: 2 - 7 pm
Tickets available at only $3 per head.
Lots of fun-filled activities for everyone.
So all GROs and GRLs please inform and encourage
your friends and residents to come on down and join
in the afternoon of FUN!

Serangoon Green Family Carvinal

Serangoon Green Family Carvinal cum Precinct Visit and Flea Market was held on Sunday, 17th May, 2009.
GRLs gave their thumbs up !!!!!!!!!

A visit to the precinct accompanied by GRLs and Representatives from Agencies.

The Minister (PMO) had a chat with one of the stall holders. Business was good, I sold quite alot of books, she said.

The Minister (PMO) addressed the residents and thanked them for participating in the upgrading programs.

We had a good durian party with the Minister (PMO) and residents, said the GRLs. Durians were good

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

EMB & CDC/CCC ITE Scholarship and Bursary Awards Presentation Ceremony

Mrs. Lim Hwee Hua, Minister (PMO) and Second Minister for Finance & Transport presented ITE scholarships and bursary awards to some 40 plus students at The Serangoon Theatrette on 11th May, 2009.

Friday, May 8, 2009

What would you have done?

Littering is an offence not only in Singapore but in many other countries as well. Do not litter or no littering signs have been put up in public places, void decks and elsewhere. If we want to improve the situation not only must we set a good example ourselves but take citizen's action
when we witness blatant, outright acts of defiant littering as oppose to so-called "accidental" dropping of say a piece of tissue paper by someone.
Just last month, on an SBS bus, a secondary schoolboy in full uniform from a school in the east, deliberately left his litter ( a paper cup he was drinking from ) on the aisle of the bus. When
the bus driver told him gently to pick it up, he ignored him. As the bus door opened at the bus stop, this recalcitrant chap with his friend rushed off, scolding and cursing the driver. The driver intent on righting a deliberate wrong in public, came down and approached the duo. In the ensuing argument, this 14 year old 'samseng' punched the driver on his face and ran off. He even turned around and taunted the poor driver to come after him while using foul expletives directed at him. The driver did the correct thing...not to give chase as he had a busload of passengers still witnessing this unbelievable act of hooliganism.
When this report first came out, I asked myself, " what would I have done if I were there either as a passenger or a passerby? ". The answer is simple for me as I know myself well. I know what I would have donel as you will soon see in the next real incident below. What will you have done?
Fortunately, someone on the bus had captured the incident on a handphone and it was shown publicly on Stompers. Many people wanted the strongest action to be taken against the "samseng kia"preferably by the law. The school, as usual talked about counselling etc...for the two students. For goodness assault of a bus driver had taken place! It is a crime whether done by an adult or a 14 year old who must be taught a lesson he won't ever forget again! Possibly as a result of soft or no punishment for such un-civilised behaviour...there has been a recent spate of students in different schools doing similar or worse things to their teachers, counsellors, vice-principals by throwing chairs at them, throwing files, using expletives and yes punching them too.
The outcome of all these cases are still unknown. The most recent case involved a 17 year old youth who could have injured or killed someone when he grabbed a metal chair and whacked it very hard against the glass door at Blk 125, Serangoon North Ave 1. That incident happened during the MPS when caretaker MP Cynthia Phua was in attendance as Mrs Lim H Hua was away. The incident was fully covered in the main media and press.
So back to the littering incident and the questions I've posed.
Two nights ago, I happened to be at the Serangoon [ CC] around 8 pm. I was chatting with Mr Chua K Soon, Wilson and Daisie just outside the CC entrance door....when a middleage Indian man walked past. Mr Chua noticed he had thrown down a piece of " receipt size" paper right where we were standing around. I did not see it as I was facing Mr Chua as we chatted. Mr Chua then asked the man politely to pick up the litter he had deliberately thrown. That chap just uttered something under his breath and with his hand gestures dismissed Mr Chua's request!
He proceeded to walk away from us as if nothing has ever happened or as if to make an unsaid
statement " who the hell are you to tell me to pick up litter even if I had thrown it myself?".
As I've asked earlier, " What would you have done in such circumstances?"
Here's what I did exactly...that produced the desired effect and outcome I would like to see, you too would love to see.

Me: " Hello there! ( in a loud authoritative voice and command ) Come back here!
He: He stopped in his tracks turned around slowly to see who has called out to him. Before he
could say anything else... I spoke directly to him as he bravely walked back towards me.
Me: " Hello my friend! You know it's an offence to litter, yet you throw that piece of paper here
in front of us. And when Mr Chua here ask you to pick it up, you just walk away. Are you
trying to be funny or what?"
He: How you know I throw? That paper got no my name ?"
Me: " Mr Chua saw you and that is good enough for me! Do you want to pick it up or not?
Otherwise I would like to check if you are a Singaporean or foreigner or illegal immigrant!"
He: Submissively, he bent down to pick it up without saying a word more.
[ Lesson learnt! He was afraid of what I may do next. Note that I did not get into any
argument with him at all. Avoid arguments. I gave him a choice whether he wanted to play
hard ball or soft's up to him. I am glad for him he chose wisely.]

Unk Dicko